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          Online radio station created on April 27, 2013 , arising from a hobby forever and now comes to life through a project that starts with a lot of energy , and with the hope that each day will better . Music is our passion and we intend to comply with this station this dream , sharing the best music selection with all our listeners .

          Our Radio Formula has a varied musical style ( Pop, Rock, Dance , Disco , House, Eurodance , etc. . ) But with a very firm foundation " What were or are music hits ," beginning in the early 70's s to the latest music , with more than 4000 songs we emit. Have been recovered many issues that have been forgotten and that we hardly can be heard on any trade or online radio.

          We have searched and found for you can return to enjoy (you and make you remember moments of your life), and discover for those who had never listened. Those songs here have a place and we are sure you will like to hear again. Only want the music accompany you in your daily life. Our radio is like that, your radio.          

We thank you for your support , and increasingly more people are listening to us .

Regards and enjoy AQUA RADIO ONLINE

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